Current Arrival Schedule

AirlineFlightCityScheduled TimeExpected TimeStatusGate
Delta5119Atlanta6:11 PM6:05 PMEarly5
US Air4796Charlotte6:29 PM6:11 PMEarly6
American4796Charlotte6:29 PM6:11 PMEarly6
Delta2810Atlanta8:27 PM8:27 PMOn Time5
US Air4895Charlotte8:47 PM8:47 PMOn Time6
American4895Charlotte8:47 PM8:47 PMOn Time6
Delta1753Atlanta11:14 PM11:14 PMOn Time5
American4925Charlotte11:37 PM11:37 PMOn Time6
US Air4925Charlotte11:37 PM11:37 PMOn Time6
Delta5171Atlanta10:14 AM10:14 AMOn Time5
American4841Charlotte10:39 AM10:39 AMOn Time6
US Air4841Charlotte10:39 AM10:39 AMOn Time6

Current Departure Schedule

AirlineFlightCityScheduled TimeExpected TimeStatusGate
Delta5119Atlanta6:36 PM6:36 PMOn Time5
American4796Charlotte6:54 PM6:54 PMOn Time6
US Air4796Charlotte6:54 PM6:54 PMOn Time6
American4867Charlotte05:20 AM05:20 AMOn Time6
US Air4867Charlotte05:20 AM05:20 AMOn Time6
Delta934Atlanta06:00 AM06:00 AMOn Time5
Delta1230Atlanta07:30 AM07:30 AMOn Time5
US Air4852Charlotte07:30 AM07:30 AMOn Time6
American4852Charlotte07:30 AM07:30 AMOn Time6
Delta5171Atlanta10:40 AM10:40 AMOn Time5
US Air4841Charlotte11:15 AM11:15 AMOn Time6
American4841Charlotte11:15 AM11:15 AMOn Time6
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Notice: Long-Term Parking Entrance Relocated

The entrance to the long term parking lot has been temporarily relocated during parking lot construction. Please proceed in front of the terminal and follow the signs to the back entrance of the parking lot. Parking lots are now located on both sides of the terminal frontage road. We apologize for the inconvenience. Golf cart transportation from the lots is now available to assist passengers.

Notice: Short-Term Parking Closed

Please note that our short-term parking lot is currently closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Additional Parking with Credit Card Self-Pay

For your convenience, we have added a new parking lot with an automated payment system (Credit Card Only). If you are picking up someone at the airport, you can use the cell phone waiting lot as well.